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Partner Program
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 Partner Program

What is the partner program? With the integrated partner program you can increase the conversions of your Shops.

Furthermore the partner program is a lucrative marketing of advertising space, which your partners expose on their homepage. If a product is bought in your Shop by your promotion, the partner is getting a proportional commission of the commodity value for each placement.


How does the partner programs work ? It is quite simple: With the partner program you can earn money, by refer your partner visitors to your Website. This happens by means of links, which are implemented on the partner Websites.


And so it works: Your customer visitors log themselves in as partners in your Shop. Then they integrate a banner or a text on their own personal Website with a special link on offers to your Shops. For each purchase, which is transacted over a partner link, a commission will be refunded to the partner in a pre-defined proportional amount of the commodity value fixed by you.

When and how is a commission cleared and disbursed to the partner?

If an order takes place through a partner link, the commission won´t be account immediately. This happens first if you have put the order status on “payment received”. Besides you can also set a payment limit or a period. As an example: first after achieving a minimum commission amount will be disbursed. Example first from 50,00€


How will be a commission disbursed to the partner? This can happen by a remittance on a bank or a PayPal account.


Partner evaluation and statistics: Over the partner module in the administration range and the partner account in the Shop range you and your partners can gain entry to statistics, which are updated in real time. You can find informations about Impressions (visual contacts), to Click Throughs (click transits), appointments, supplies and earned commissions.

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