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Points and Rewards
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Ecom Tuning

Anmeldedatum: 26.02.2007
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 Points and Rewards

 This module is points and bonus system, which assigns aimed points and wins so new customers.

The system granted the customer points of purchase to spend it.

Points will regarded as cash,  however it must only be exchanged, that means the points are still openly to these until the Admin (manual)  approve them.

As soon as these are authorized, customers can use those points for paying for the orders.

Administrator attitudes:

1. On/issue the point system

2. On/issue the redemption system

3. The number of points awarded for every 1,00 € spent (or whatever based on your currency system) 

4. To set the value for each point  (based on their monetary system).
5. On/issue the points awarded for shipping fees

6. On/issue the restriction of products

7. Set the model name is permitted if the restriction of products on is (only in a group)

8. On/issue the point delimitation and the number of points to be needed before these  are redeemed

9. On/issue the points of welcome and set the points proportionately for the automatic credit note for new signup customers

10. The administrator can regard, add or delete points of customer


Customer characteristics
* New customers can receive points of welcome

* Customers can receive points for a bought product

* Customers can select the quantity of the points, which would like to spend them

* Customers get the possibility to view their shoping points account status.

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 Forum-Index » English E-Commerce extensions » Marketing
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